Peter has served as a consulting and testifying expert on a wide range of economic loss issues for over 35 years. Peter has also been published extensively on economic damages and one of his articles was cited in a leading Federal Court case, Energy Capital Corp. v. The United States, 47 Fed. Cl. 382, and in the following professional publications: 1) Recovery of Damages for Lost Profits, Robert L. Dunn (6th ed. 2005), 2) The Comprehensive Guide to Lost Profits Damages for Experts and Attorneys, Nancy J. Fannon (2009 ed.), and 3) Practitioners Publishing Company, Guide to Litigation Support Services, (14th Ed. 2009), at §303.59.

Peter has consulted and testified on a wide range of cases for plaintiffs, defendants and the Court, including the following:

  • Business lost profits
  • Lost wages
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Anti-trust and price discrimination disputes

Peter brings a unique approach to litigation consulting with the addition of specialized information technology skills, including the following:

  • Database and spreadsheet computer models
  • Analysis graphs — graphically depict complex data for analysis
  • Trial graphs — graphically depict complex data for presentation to triers of fact, including electronic and transparency overlays
  • Data recovery and data mining
    • Damaged computer media (primarily hard drive recovery)
    • Electronic extraction of data from computer systems, including databases and accounting systems
    • Recovery of data from electronic storage media, including hard drives and backup tapes 
    • Data conversion — convert data into a mainstream format (usually a database format) for analysis using computer modeling tools