Peter has served as a consulting and testifying expert in numerous cases that included asset tracing and records reconstructions in wide variety of cases, including the followings:

  • Financial crimes
    • Bank fraud
    • Investor fraud
    • Bankruptcy fraud
    • Ponzi schemes
  • Lender fraud
  • Marital disputes

Peter brings a unique approach to asset tracing and records constructions with the addition of specialized information technology skills, including the following:

  • Database and spreadsheet computer models
  • Analysis graphs — graphically depict complex data for analysis
  • Trial graphs — graphically depict complex data for presentation to triers of fact, including electronic and transparency overlays
  • Data recovery and data mining
    • Damaged computer media (primarily hard drive recovery)
    • Electronic extraction of data from computer systems, including databases and accounting systems
    • Recovery of data from electronic storage media, including hard drives and backup tapes 
    • Data conversion — convert data into a mainstream format (usually a database format) for analysis using computer modeling tools