Schulman & Company LLC (dba “Schulman & Company”) is a highly specialized forensic accounting firm.  Our primary areas of concentration are economic damages, bankruptcy & restructuring and asset tracing (principally in financial crime and complex divorce cases).  Our clients include attorneys, businesses, labor unions, individuals, lenders, trustees, receivers, and loan servicers.  Most recently, Peter has been engaged as a consulting and testifying expert in connection with Daubert motions, to exclude or limit the testimony of opposing experts.

Schulman & Company’s services also include sophisticated demonstrative exhibits, including trial graphics.  Trial graphics may be in the form of electronic presentations or poster boards, and may include electronic or transparency overlays.

Schulman & Company’s philosophy is to assist our clients in the broadest terms.  If we cannot meet our client’s needs directly, we will help you find qualified experts.  We have affiliations with other specialized consulting firms to meet our client’s needs.

Peter has been published extensively, and one of his articles has been cited extensively in Federal Court and in other professional publications. Peter is also an author of a textbook, Lost Profits Damages: Principles, Methods, and Applications, which was released in November 2017. Information regarding Peter’s publications and cites, including publications available for download, are available on this website.

Peter Schulman

Peter Schulman Expertise

Experience and Professional Credentials

Peter has over 45 years of diversified experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a subspecialty in computer systems consulting, including over 35 years of experience as a testifying expert.  In addition to being a CPA, Peter is a Certified Insolvency and Reorganization Advisor (CIRA) and the recipient of the Certification in Distressed Business Valuations (CDBV).  To receive the CIRA certification, Peter successfully completed an in-depth financial insolvency and restructuring program which covers all aspects of bankruptcy and reorganization, including managing financial turnaround and bankruptcy cases, avoidance actions, reorganization plan development, insolvency, financial reporting, and bankruptcy taxation issues.  In addition to passing comprehensive examinations and related course work, all CIRA recipients must have a minimum of 4,000 hours of specialized insolvency and reorganization experience.
Peter is also a recipient of the Certification in Distressed Business Valuation (CDBV).  This certification program includes rigorous training and examinations in advanced business valuations and the valuation of distressed assets, including distressed and/or bankrupt businesses.  In addition to passing comprehensive examinations and course work, all CDBV recipients must have substantial experience in valuing distressed businesses.

Publications and Cites

Peter has been published in numerous legal and accounting publications on a wide range of topics.  Many of Peter’s articles are available for download from this website.  

One of Peter’s articles was cited in a leading Federal Court case, Energy Capital Corp. v. The United States, 47 Fed. Cl. 382, and in several professional publications.  A federal judge made the following findings regarding Peter Schulman’s trial testimony:

Peter Schulman…is highly experienced and competent.  He appears to be reliable and credible.  His testimony was not impeached in any serious or substantial fashion.  He appears to the Court to be a solid technician with impressive investigative and analytical skills in the appropriate areas.

Peter Schulman did receive the…computer…, and through some technical wizardry, was able to retrieve certain information off the hard drive and determine what had happened to the hard drive.

Peter is also an author of a textbook, Lost Profits Damages: Principles, Methods, and Applications, which is regarded as the most comprehensive publication available regarding the determination of lost profits damages, for use by attorneys, certified public accountants, economists, and financial analysts. More specifically, Peter wrote one of the cornerstone chapters of the book, Ex Ante versus Ex Post, which are sometimes referred to as the business valuation and lost profits approaches to damages determinations. These two methodologies can have a significant impact on the determination of economic damages. Peter’s chapter also includes a case study that explains and illustrates the presentation of lost profits damages, including prejudgment interest, using trial graphics and tabular presentations.

Peter has also been a frequent speaker on a wide range of topics for the American Institute of CPAs and numerous bar associations and state CPA societies. 

Publications Available for Download

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